Thursday, March 24, 2005

Music and the development of good organizations

As much as I try to write from a client's point of view, listening to their wants and trying to express myself in their terms and from their frame of reference, I'm sure I'm only partially successful. Perhaps that's why I'm impressed when someone figures out their life's calling so well and focuses their skills and resources so effectively on the needs of others that they truly do speak clearly from the frame of reference of those whom they are serving.

Paul Judy founded the Symphony Orchestra Institute in 1994 to help symphony orchestra organizations function more effectively. SOI developed a world-class journal, engaged in research projects, and consulted with various orchestras in pursuit of its noble goals. Most recently, Fred Zenone, former cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra, has led the group. I've had the privilege of corresponding with both Paul and Fred, and they've both been most gracious and insightful.

Just this month, SOI shut its doors and transferred its assets to the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music. For the time being, their Web site is still available. Anyone interested in organizational development and symphony orchestra music, as I am, would do well to spend some time perusing online editions of their journal, Harmony, and the other resources they've made available. I only hope it continues to be available online as Eastman takes over the reins.

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