Friday, May 13, 2005

An action research experiment: making better decisions

There's no point in reading a book if you don't try to learn from it. I'm putting two threads, TiddlyWikis and Gary Klein's recognition-primed decision model, together with action research to see if I can improve the way I make decisions. I'll give occasional updates on what I'm learning; I invite you to try it out, too, and let me know what you're learning.

I'm starting by creating a new TiddlyWiki that's customized for this experiment. I've saved it locally, set my name under "Options," and changed the Site Subtitle to reflect its purpose.

Then I edited the "Hello There" section to give a very concise entry point into the network of tiddlers I'll create. I've created tiddlers for each of the major aspects I saw in Klein's suggestions, and I've begun to customize them. For example, I created one as a template for a Decision Requirements Table, and then I've copied it into separate tiddlers for each decision I decide to address.

In the first day of trying this, I've made two observations that I think may be important:

  • The decisions I noted as important or frequent in my work weren't always the areas I had previously focused on for improvement.
  • Once I had selected a few decisions, it was relatively easy to identify potential ways to improve my skill.

That isn't terribly surprising, given my past experience with similar exercises.

If you're intrigued, join in! I'd be curious in the sort of lessons you're learning, too.



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