Thursday, May 26, 2005

Better thinking

We need our best wits about us in business. The New Scientist has an interesting list of eleven items to help strengthen our mental abilities.

So it's beans for breakfast, exercise, rest, and avoiding interruptions! Read the article for the rest.

Here's a question: if interruptions are bad for you (15 minutes lost work after each interruption) and thus your organization, while accessibility ard open door policies are good for your organization, what do you do?

Those already flooded in email may not like this answer, but I propose that email is a key part of the answer. About 20 years ago, I managed a group of software engineers who had developed a culture that they rarely spoke to the person at the next desk; they'd email that person. That way, they got to transmit their information or request on their timetable, and the recipient got to receive it on their timetable, giving everyone control. Sure, email volume has gone up drastically in 20 years, but technology has improved, too; most email software can help you sort email to make your life easier.



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