Saturday, May 21, 2005

New news from the MEA

Since starting this blog, I've tried to write about business issues from a systemic viewpoint. I've observed that we humans (me included) often seem to act in ways that don't serve our goals or our best interests. Various of the systems thinking approaches such as system dynamics, a simulation-based approach, can help us do a better job in that area.

About a month and a half ago, I blogged on the UN's Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. In my mind, that's a business issue, as well as a social and environmental issue. If we do too much damage to the environment, we'll see serious business repercussions as well as serious social and environmental repercussions.

Today the BBC published an article that gives further information from the UN study. This stream of news seems to warrant our attention as business people and as citizens. Because simulation exercises show that large systems often have significant inertia (and the world economy would seem to qualify), I do think it behooves us to think about and act on such issues now.


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