Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Personal knowledge management

I've long used one of the Emacs Wiki systems on my computer for personal knowledge management. It's all local and thus private, it's easy to edit, and it provides me hypertext I can view in Emacs or in my browser, making it easy to document business processes, good practices, or agreements I've reached with clients.

Recently one of my sons pointed me to TiddlyWiki, an innovative tool that just might wean me away from my current system. If you clicked on its link in the last sentence, you just downloaded the entire system. Just go to SaveChanges in that window to save it to your disk so you can customize it for your own use. It has a rather cool user interface, it seems well-written (only HTML, CSS, and Javascript), and it's versatile and cross-platform.

Why would you want this? Perhaps you can use it to help you organize your work processes to make you more productive; that's what personal knowledge management is all about. I've got Emacs Wiki pages set up for general business processes, business processes that are unique to specific clients, strategic planning, and various other projects. I'm curious to see if TiddlyWiki works as well if I put it to similar uses. Perhaps I'll try using it as a blog. Perhaps I'll try a WikiOnAStick.



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