Wednesday, June 29, 2005

For those with an improvement or development goal

If you've got a goal to improve something you do professionally, or if you have a goal to learn more about how to foster change effectively and you'd like to do it in the context of doing real work, check out a free course colleague Bob Dick at Southern Cross University is about to run for the 22nd time: Action Research and Evaluation On Line (AREOL). As Bob says in his email invitation,

As with earlier programs, the theme of areol 22 is the integration of effective change with rigorous research. In some respects, it is a combination of the principles of community and organisational change with those for change-oriented qualitative research, sometimes with use of quantitative research too.

There's no charge from SCU (you do have to have access to the Internet), it's not easy (learning often isn't), and you may learn more about how to conduct online training. I took the first session some years back and profited greatly. For more information or to sign up, email Bob at bdick AT within the week and ask for a copy of the invitation email.


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