Friday, July 08, 2005

Bob Gilbert Consulting

About two decades ago, I was part of a manufacturing team that toured various organizations which used self-directed work teams in preparation for work we were about to undertake in our plant. One of the places we visited was the Rohm and Haas Bayport plant near Houston, Texas. Bob Gilbert and his colleagues treated us to a great demonstration of how one could create a high-performance team if one were willing to trod a road less traveled. He and the others we visited taught me things I later applied in a project that was described in "Emphasis on Business, Technology, and People Cuts Turnaround Time at Hewlett-Packard's Lake Stevens Division" in the Winter 1998-99 National Productivity Review.

In 2001, Rohm and Haas Bayport was still using that approach effectively, and I wrote an article describing their two decades of experience. I've continued to keep in occasional contact with Bob, for he's a good person with great insights into how one can create high-performing teams that last. His company, Bob Gilbert Consulting, now has a Web site. Take a look, and tell him Bill sent you.


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