Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Facilitated Systems Core Values

After blogging about values twice, it's time to post what I think Facilitated Systems' values are. This is a living document. That doesn't mean these values are inherently shifting sand; I have said much these same things to myself and to others over the last several years. It does mean my expression of these values may change as I learn more about myself (and, as I learn more, I may even discover what I've written today isn't as close to my true values as I thought when I wrote them).

  • Facilitated Systems is in business to help people. Facilitated Systems has chosen to do that by helping the organizations in which we spend so much of our time and into which we band to achieve goals we couldn't achieve alone.
  • Facilitated Systems has a passion for helping organizations think differently and more effectively about their situations and how they might achieve worthwhile goals. Often this involves bringing together insights from disparate fields. Often these fields include system dynamics, developmental facilitation, online facilitation, and action research or action learning.
  • Facilitated Systems deals with others with honor and integrity. Among other things, that means both those who do business with Facilitated Systems and Facilitated Systems itself should feel as if they benefited from their work together.
  • Facilitated Systems blends concerns for people, process, technical, and business issues.
  • Facilitated Systems has a concern for the sustainability of the earth on which we live, for that earth provides us the platform on which we and our descendants will live.

I do welcome your thoughts.


Blogger Bill Harris said...

Duh. Seeing this in print made me realize I missed a major point: collaboration!

Facilitated Systems believes in doing it with you, not to you so you will get better, more sustainable results and so you can retain more control over your direction.

28 July, 2005 07:09  

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