Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Values can affect PR

There were two articles in today's news showing the power of our values to affect the public relations we get.

First, Michele Miller of WonderBranding wrote about Jim Sinegal and Costco and how they're apparently doing too much for their employees and people to make Wall Street happy. Would you shop at a store that gave you great deals and treated its employees well and made enough money so it would stick around? I thought so. That blog and the associated NY Times article make for good publicity, indeed.

Second, Walt Mossberg wrote in his July 14 Personal Technology column about the problematic use of tracking cookies by some companies. While he didn't mention the names of companies that do this, he did contrast two companies that produce antispyware software, one of which removes such cookies and the other of which has decided to leave them alone. Mossberg writes, "I believe it is important for consumers to know who is on their side right from the start and who may be being swayed by companies that do things to your computer without telling you."

Both cases seem related to what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras wrote about in Built to Last : Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials). In response to the question about where to begin, they wrote (p. 219), "First, and above all else, pin down your core ideology."


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