Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Values redux

Having just written about values and PR, I should note that values aren't about PR. Values are the things that are central to each of us and to each of our organizations. It just so happens that the values we carry and the decisions that lead from those values can have ramifications, and those may affect the future results we see.

That brings us back to the system dynamics mantra: events are part of patterns which are caused by (organizational or societal or ...) structures. Perhaps we should extend that to note that structures grow on a foundation of values. Perhaps we should note there may be a grand feedback loop around the whole thing: if we perceive results (events) that are not to our liking, we may choose to modify the structures that lead to those events. If that's not sufficient, we may choose to modify the values we hold in order to grow new structures and to see new patterns and events.


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