Monday, August 08, 2005

Fuel for the economic and societal engine

I've written about the risks to our economic and social well-being from what seems like the likely depletion of petroleum reserves. Now the August 2005 National Geographic has a feature article on the subject. It's interesting to watch the migration of this and related topics from more esoteric forums to more mainstream ones.

There's more to the coming "Energy Revolution" than simply hand-wringing over peak oil, though. The Energy Blog is one source that focuses "on the technologies that will be required to replace oil, rather than dwelling on peak oil, which is well reported."

Here's a question I'm pondering; maybe you have some ideas. What can we do as small (or not-so-small) businesses to be active and engaged in this revolution? For example, I'm intrigued by this report on Solar Light Bulbs, both for the benefits to the Khawr 'Abd Allah Waterway in Iraq and other customers and for the business opportunity Carmanah Technologies opened up.


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