Friday, August 05, 2005

Learning about online facilitation and working with distributed groups

Do you work with or manage distributed groups? Have you been tasked with helping a distributed group be more effective, whatever that means? Do you like learning but only if it's intensive and worthwhile? Then check out Nancy White's upcoming Online Facilitation Workshop. I sat (well, read, thought, reflected, talked, typed, read, thought, ...) through that course six years ago, and it was intense, thought-provoking, helpful, fun, insightful, and a great way to broaden my skills.

Disclaimer: I'm one of Nancy's Full Circle Associates, but I get nothing for promoting her course except the satisfaction of perhaps informing a few others of a great course.

By the way, if you've been following this blog, you may have noticed that I've had links to other sites pop up in new windows. There are at least two reasons for that (besides the obvious one, it's slightly easier to test links that way while I'm writing in blogger—that may be the more important), but I wonder if it may annoy some, so I'm trying an experiment and ceasing that practice today, at least for a while. I'm very interested in your reaction, so feel free to leave comments or to send me email. I'll weigh your reactions heavily as I consider what to do in the future.


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Thanks, Bill! :-)

09 August, 2005 08:33  

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