Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Becoming a more global player 4

Recently I wrote how I perceive DRM can especially hurt those in the USA because it limits our access to certain non-US views of the world. Now Walter Mossberg has weighed in, not against DRM per se, but against the way most companies use DRM. His point is well taken.

Unfortunately, I don't often read some of the international news sources I once wrote about; it's just too easy to forget. I tend to read Google news, because it's easy (and I do check RSS and Atom feeds from international business and news sources).

Now there's a way to customize your view of Google news to see news from various countries on one page. I deleted a few sections I rarely read and added a few from other countries so I'll at least see the headlines showing what's important in other parts of the world.

Give it a try: pick a country or two or three, and add sections that interest you from their news sources. If your selections aren't helpful in a week or two, change them around. I'm curious: let me know what you think and what you've learned after trying that for a few weeks.


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