Monday, November 21, 2005

Becoming a more global player 5

Paper. If you need paper, just go to your company stockroom or your local office supply store and buy what you need—unless you want A4 in the USA or letter paper anywhere else.

I recently had occasion to search for a local supply of A4 paper, and I found that challenging. The fastest source, outside of having a local printer cut paper to size, was to order it from Staples, as they promised next day delivery; Amazon offered it at a lower price.

Why is this a big deal? Companies world-wide use the ISO series of paper sizes, which brings with it certain advantages in formatting and management. Perhaps the real benefit is in making your proposals and other material look as if it belongs. If you do business in other parts of the world and your proposals or other documentation sticks out in funny ways and gets ragged around the edges because it doesn't quite fit, whose materials do you think will look most professional after they've been used or reviewed a few times?


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