Thursday, November 17, 2005

Music for work (or whatever)

Colleague and friend Nancy White just posted about Magnatune, a somewhat different approach to online music (their tagline is "We are not evil"). Part of the reason I'm writing about this is that I like music, especially Western art music, part is because I sense that the arts face challenges today, at least in the USA, and part is because I've heard consultants and trainers wonder how to incorporate music into their work while remaining ethical and legal.

Magatune lets you listen to songs for free. If you want to download, you set the price. When you do pay, half the amount you pay goes to the artist, and you have the opportunity to make your email address visible to the artist, so you might even end up in a discussion!

Finally, if you're trying to use it in a commercial setting (restaurant, art gallery, training class, Web site, or whatever), they have an easy, automated way to calculate the required payment and to pay online.


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