Friday, January 06, 2006

Fun, games, and business

A couple of decades ago while an employee at Hewlett-Packard Company, I attended a company-wide teleconference where people spoke for most of the day about the things they had done or were doing to improve the way they carried out research and development. The ideas were good, and I'm sure the efforts did much to help HP's business.

Yet the one thing that has stuck with me to this day is a comment Bill Hewlett made at the end of the day, after all the other speakers had finished. He went to the podium, thanked the speakers for their efforts, and then said words to the effect of "But don't forget to have fun. If you're not having fun along the way, it's not worth doing."

Friend and colleague Bernie DeKoven just blogged on The Laugh Metric, evidence that others in business have the same belief. If you're stuck in a situation that you can't seem to make fun, head over to any of Bernie's Web sites for some ideas and a bit of inspiration!


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