Wednesday, February 15, 2006 tips

If you're considering using, check out Solveig Haugland's blog for frequent, useful tips.

Not long ago, I posted that 2.0 seemed to take lots of memory, and that was a problem for me. It still seems to, but I discovered something this week when I had to do a couple of different short, one-page custom documents:'s Write can still be worth it. Compared to LaTeX for short, one-off documents with custom requirements, Write is quick. Compared to Word (or at least my skill with Word), Write seemed easier for working with styles. That was a big deal: I could enter the information, quickly assign custom styles to certain types of information, and then begin to format the styles to communicate the way I wanted.

So what about the memory issue? It's still there—I wish I had more memory or a less expansive Write (perhaps it's different on Linux)—but I discovered that I only really got in trouble when I had lots of windows open. Being a bit careful about what I kept open made things go pretty smoothly.



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