Friday, February 03, 2006

Thinking about Linux?

If you've thought about trying Linux but figured it would take you a lot of time and effort, check out Live CDs such as Knoppix (for Intel/AMD hardware). Download and burn (or buy) a CD, boot from it, and experience Linux within minutes without erasing your current operating system or data.

If you want to install Linux on a machine, wiping out what was there before, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has a nifty intro to various Linuxes for the desktop. I've used Debian and Ubuntu, and I can't disagree with what he's said.

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Blogger Solveig said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the link, by the way! I wanted to mention that Linspire has a nice live CD too; I was just using it the other day on my old HP Windows 2000 machine, with no problems, and I really like the interface. A Linspire live CD is available free from their site--I found a coupon code for it. Just go to their site and put the CD in your shopping cart, and put in deviant9 as the coupon code. The Linspire live CD also comes in Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux. (I'm prejudiced, I edited the book, but I think it's great anyway.) Peter has nice, specific, easy-to-follow tips for using the CD as well as for a full-on install.

16 February, 2006 05:51  
Blogger Bill Harris said...

Hi Solveig, thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you mentioned the Linspire live CD; while I haven't seen it, I suspect something like that may encourage even more people to try Linux and find that it isn't so scary after all (and that it really can be a good place to get stuff done).

16 February, 2006 21:09  

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