Friday, April 28, 2006

More on EULAs

Having recently posted about EULAs and other license agreements, I took a look around and discovered, not surprisingly, that others had written about the same subject. Ed Foster wrote an article about a very short, very easy-to-comprehend EULA, and he's also described a dialog with someone in a European-based company who was trying to find a simple EULA that worked globally and gave the company the desired protections.

Andrew Rowley, author of the simple EULA mentioned above, has written about EULAs in general and his suggestions for how to write a good EULA.

Ed has offered his suggestions in the FEULA, the model Fair End User License Agreement. He's also got a library of EULAs, where people can comment on listed EULAs and contribute others for review. Perhaps out of all this, we can develop a common understanding of how to create EULAs and perhaps even a small set of common EULAs, so we don't need a lawyer to buy a CD.


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