Friday, April 14, 2006 revisited

Some time ago, I claimed that I liked but found it a bit too memory intensive. I keep getting drawn back to the tool for the features I like, and I've noticed something: it's not nearly as memory intensive as I had first thought. Where I get in the most trouble is by having Firefox open with a gazillion tabs; Emacs with a gazillion windows (not the same thing as a window in Windows or the X Window System) can take up much memory, too. OO.o has generally been down further on the list of memory use, according to Task Manager. Incidentally, I suspect opening a gazillion Internet Explorer windows would create the same sort of computer memory challenges, but I'd lose the ability to comprehend my desktop long before I got that far.

For the past month or so, I've used both Emacs and OO.o and been more careful to stop creating new Firefox tabs at around half a gazillion, and things have worked fine. When Firefox gets too big and I'm through with it for a while, I just close it. I can restart it quickly, and its history list lets me find places I recently visited, if I need to.



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