Monday, May 01, 2006

25 ideas

Tom Peters wrote about a Business 2.0 article on 25 innovative ideas for business. I like the thinking; people are pushing at the edges to find ways to be better. I'm humbled to realize I've worked with people, all in one organization, who put together many of these ideas for themselves a decade or more ago without advertising them externally:

  • A printed circuit layout designer initiated something very much like UPS's three-minute huddles to get him and the engineers on a project aligned at the start of each day.
  • The librarian in that organization put up a whiteboard outside the library and stimulated conversation with pithy, pertinent (or impertinent) phrases, which sounds a lot like Google's graffiti board.
  • One part of the manufacturing organization moved their organization to a model somewhat like that at W.L. Gore. Indeed, I was fortunate to be along when they visited a Gore facility to learn from them.

Check out their list, and see if any of those ideas might help you.


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