Monday, May 22, 2006

More (or is that less?) on oil

I recently mentioned oil, business risk, and scenario planning. Two days later, I found The oil depletion balance sheet by Jeremy Leggett.

I don't know much about Leggett yet except that he writes a lot and is CEO of solarcentury, a company making photovoltaics. I first saw an interesting article by him months ago but wanted to see more before mentioning it, for I was leary of the potential he might have to be biased. I've read more of his articles (not yet all of them, though) and I like that he offers practical ideas about moving forward in addition to worrying articles about the potential for doom. I like that his company seems focused on being good as well as doing good as well as doing well.

You don't have to accept the imminence of the end of the oil age yet (although it seems like a reasonable conclusion) to think it's worth doing a bit of scenario planning for your company.


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