Thursday, July 20, 2006

Free phone calls and a good information source

One of the information services I watch on a semi-regular basis comes from Robin Good in Italy. His Kolabora News focuses on "Online Collaboration, Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Technologies from a User Viewpoint," according to its tag line. If you're involved in such work, check it out.

Today he announced a new development at Gizmo Project: free phone calls! I've appreciated that Gizmo uses open standards, and I've appreciated that Gizmo lets me communicate quickly and easily by SIPphone.

Now they've gone one step further. As I understand it, you can now call other Gizmo users in many countries on their land lines or mobile phones for free—no more charges to connect to the regular phone network. I'm curious about this business model, and I'm interested in this service!



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