Monday, October 30, 2006

Learning from simulation

Long-time readers will know that I often help others make sense of tough problems using system dynamics computer simulations. Often such simulations help us in many ways: they enable us to focus on the essential nature of a problem without confounding factors, they let us try out hypotheses without risk to our organizations, and they enable us to try more alternative approaches in an afternoon than we may try in a career in real life.

There are also other valid ways to use simulations for learning. For the past year, Drew McManus and I have been working together on some ideas about the business of classical music; you may have seen the column and model on which we recently collaborated.

Now Drew has posted the first of a two-part series on a simulation he ran with students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Even if you're not involved in music, you may find his approach of interest and potential use; besides, he tells an interesting tale.


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