Friday, November 17, 2006

System Dynamics with MCSim

Recently I blogged about a presentation I made called System Dynamics for Cheapskates. It, more formally, should have been called System Dynamics with MCSim, for it was the first public presentation that I know of introducing MCSim as a tool for system dynamics work instead of for physiologically based pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling.

As part of that demonstration session, I distributed a quick reference card by that name, and I've distributed more since the conference. Of the 100 I printed, I have 2 or 3 in my files and only 11 left in my give-away box. That means there are more than 85 of you with copies of the card; I hope that also means there are at least some of you who have tried or will try MCSim. I'm very curious in your experiences if you do try it; feel free to post a comment here or to email me. If you want one of the remaining quick reference cards from Portland, just ask.

To make it easier for more people to find out about MCSim, I've created a slight variant on the original (it no longer says "Prepared especially for Evaluation 2006, Portland, Oregon USA") and published it on my Web site under a Creative Commons license. I printed the original on heavy legal paper (8.5" by 14") and folded it in a Z-fold pattern. You can find the card referenced on both my Publications and my Links pages; I may add more MCSim information in the Links section over time.

The card, the presentation, the software, and a bit of willingness to be technologically adventurous should be all you need to get started using a high-end system dynamics simulator on your computer, even if you're running Linux. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


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