Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Peer assists

Action learning has long had a process known as learning sets to help people develop the understanding they need to address their own problems. Now Bellanet and the University of Ottawa have described something quite close to this in a short Flash session on Peer Assists (also available in French). (Thanks to colleague Nancy White of Full Circle Associates for the lead.)

I've found that journaling can be a helpful adjunct to such a process. Perhaps the learning logs Bob Williams and I created may be of help to you. As a bit of practical advice, I've also found that it helps to inject new ideas into your thinking, either by reading or listening, while reflecting through journaling and working with a learning set.

If you're interested in studying action learning or its close cousin, action research, check out the excellent, free, online (asynchronous) AREOL course offered twice a year by Bob Dick. AREOL 25 begins February 2007; sign up soon!

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