Friday, February 23, 2007

Tagging and making sense of Making Sense

You may have noticed that I've been tagging articles more regularly this year. Blogger's latest update made that much easier for me. If you haven't noticed, click on a tag that interests you at the bottom of any posting to see a list of all of my postings with the same tag—an anthology of what I've written on that topic.

Here's a hint: "making sense" is a tag I use that includes, among other things, postings about system dynamics or any of the other systems thinking methodologies, as well as related topics that help us make sense of things.

As I get time, I may start tagging old blog postings this same way. That should make it easier for you (and me) to find what I've written on various topics and to see if I've been consistent, if I've learned and grown, or if I've merely wandered in my statements over time.

I did once make a commitment about how I wanted to deal with revisions to my blog postings after the fact. I view the added Blogger tagging as indexing, not editing; I hope you agree.

If you've got suggestions for new tags I should add to current postings or new topics you'd like to see me cover (tagged with the appropriate new tags, of course), let me know by commenting on this note or by the usual phone, email, or postal methods.


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