Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making musical sense by email, part 6

The conversation goes on, or at least I hope it does. I hope these snippets have been sufficient to give you a flavor of how Greg Sandow and I have been talking.

Tomorrow, I'd like to give you my impressions of the meaning of all this. Before I do, I'd like to ask you to contribute. How do you interpret what you've read in this series? What value do you see in the approach? What did you see that you didn't expect to see? What didn't you see that you expected?

There's one particular question I asked earlier: do you think my text-mode graphs or the higher-quality graphs would have been better for facilitating dialog if this dialog had been between you and me, assuming the graphs weren't too complex?

I know you're largely a quiet group of readers, but I would like to learn from your impressions—perhaps we could all learn. Add a comment below, or, if you'd prefer, send me an email or give me a call.

I encourage you to take part in this conversation in other ways, too. The future of music is a project that Greg is working on for a future book. If you've got ideas to contribute to that effort, head over there or to his regular blog. If you're more interested in orchestra management, also check out Drew McManus' Adaptistration (you still need to think about the future of music).

If you'd like to talk more about approaches such as this for making sense of the business and organizational problems you face, keep following Making Sense With Facilitated Systems.

Then come back tomorrow to see my thoughts.

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