Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making musical sense by email: the table of contents

For the past two weeks, I've been posting excerpts of an email conversation between Greg Sandow, composer, consultant to orchestras, author, professor, and music critic, and me about the future of classical music. I thought you might be interested in reading these excerpts, either because you're interested in the future of classical music or because you're interested in observing light-weight approaches to using systemic approaches as we seek to make sense of tough problems.

Because the conversation is spread across multiple postings, I'm providing this page as a table of contents for the series—a list of links to help you read the series in order from start to finish or to help you find the one section you're seeking.

  1. Part 1: The introduction
  2. Part 2: My first email to Greg
  3. Part 3: Greg's reply
  4. Part 4: My first email with higher-resolution graphics
  5. Part 5: An augmented model
  6. Part 6: What did you observe about the dialog?
  7. Part 7: What did I observe about the dialog?
  8. Appendix A: The first model
  9. Appendix B: The second model
  10. Special feature: An essay by Dr. Glenda H. Eoyang

If you're just discovering this series, welcome! It's a bit lengthy, so you may want to read it in several sittings. All of us involved in creating this series would appreciate any comments you might have.

Thanks to Greg for the dialog and for permission to post his words here and to Glenda for her contribution that indicates this approach is gathering momentum elsewhere, too.

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