Monday, May 21, 2007

A leisurely snapshot of the USA

How do we in the USA relax? How has that changed over the past few decades? Normally I try to write from a more global perspective, but today's link specifically refers to the USA. Perhaps those of you outside the USA will find it helpful (or amusing) to learn and ponder a bit more about us. Perhaps some of you will comment here, leaving similar information about the culture and nation in which you live.

David Touve and Steven Tepper of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University have put together "Leisure in America: Searching for the forest amongst the trees." It may seem out of date in some cases (it talks about MySpace and IM but doesn't mention Twitter; then again, it was published in April 2007 :-), and it may lack a bit of statistical rigor (I don't know if differences it cites are statistically significant), but it seems interesting if sometimes paradoxical (which may be an apt description of us as a culture).

If that's who we are, what does it mean for you and your enterprise (in all senses of the word), no matter the field?

Thanks to Andrew Taylor and The Artful Manager for the link and for more information he gives about the related conference.

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