Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Listed on the Tom Peters Blog Roll!

When I started Making Sense With Facilitated Systems, I did it for several reasons:

  • I wanted to connect with more people, for I've discovered that connecting with people generally brings good things. I wanted to encourage interaction between you and me.
  • I didn't want to clog up people's mailboxes with email newsletters, for I realize that email is getting to be a burden for many people, thanks to the quantity of email most of us receive.
  • I didn't want the environmmental or financial expense of a mailed newsletter, and I know that such a newsletter could be perceived as just another bit of junk mail.
  • I had topics I wanted to write about.

I decided a blog would make a good experiment. I could write about things that interest me, and those articles would let you know a bit more about me. You can comment on the blog, and that would let us get to know each other. Because it's a blog and because you can subscribe to it, you control if and when you read it.

So far, I'm pleased (pleased is not the same as contented!). You are commenting, either directly on the blog or in email to me, and the rate of commenting seems to be increasing (I'd welcome it if more of you would join in; I'd really enjoy the conversation!). I've been able to write about topics I value, and I've been able to point to some of those essays when I'm in discussions with others, saving me the time of re-writing my thoughts. A number of you have linked to my blog or placed it on your blogrolls, and I appreciate that very much; I've tried to link to a number of those of you whose writing caught my eye, too.

Earlier this week I was notified that Making Sense With Facilitated Systems has just been placed on Tom Peters' blogroll. I've read his material for years and, while I don't always agree with him, I do almost always find that he makes me think. That, to me, is worth much more than if he always wrote what I already believe. As a result, I feel honored and humbled to be listed there—honored to have earned the attention of Tom and his company, and humbled in the face of the responsibility to keep this as fresh and as useful as I can for what is now a larger audience.

So here's a big thank you to Tom Peters and the Tom Peters Company for the recognition!

I welcome all of you who may have discovered Making Sense With Facilitated Systems from his blogroll. Peruse the archives, come back again often, and feel free to join the conversation!

If any of you regulars haven't discovered Tom's site, go check it out! Stay current on what he and his colleagues are thinking, and check out the slide presentations he's given around the world. While you won't be able to hear his commentary, you'll no doubt find many thought-provoking ideas to stimulate your thinking.


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