Monday, May 07, 2007

Tested alternatives

Just two words. That seems related to the "just three words" game that has caught on in some online work as a way to stimulate interaction and ideas.

Gary Harpst, CEO and founder of Six Disciplines, LLC, advocates a two-word approach to strategy as a way to get focus.

In that sense, what does Facilitated Systems do? Gary said it took him 18 years to get to that level on one business he ran, so I may not succeed at a final answer today. What would I say in two words?

Tested alternatives.

I think that's it. I don't make your decisions for you; those are your responsibility and under your control. I provide ways to help you and others come up with and test solutions to your problems and challenges. Sometimes what you need are systemic approaches to addressing issues. At other times, you may need help creating an environment in which productive conversations can take place, whether the problem is reluctance to talk about certain important topics or the challenge of working with people spread around the globe.

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Blogger Bill Harris said...

What two words would describe your organization's strategy or focus?

07 May, 2007 11:11  

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