Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We must be doing something right!

For the last seven and a half years, I've rarely seen a client. That doesn't mean I've been sitting idle in my office; it means we've been finding other ways to work together than getting into a car or onto a plane so we can sit in the same room.

I did that because I saw a need: companies who were spread out geographically, who needed to work together in groups, and who didn't have the funds or the time to get on a plane every time they needed to collaborate wanted alternatives. I also saw an opportunity: I could help more organizations more quickly and at less cost, because I could implement quick changeover in consulting and facilitating processes. Besides, when I'm working in my office, I have all my resources available to me, including any that aren't sufficiently portable to be carried to meetings.

Now WebEx is running a free promotion, focused on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions such an approach can eliminate. Sure, it's designed to sell more of their services, but they do seem to have a point (and they do plant trees!). Now if we only had an unbiased evaluation of the cost of, say, meeting, including the cost of running IT services in all the different alternatives. Their assessment may be fairly accurate, though; it's likely many of us would bring our laptops to meetings, and so travel would provide incremental, not substitute, emissions.

Give it a try, or look for another tool that meets your needs.

Thanks to Chief Learning Officer for making me aware of this promotion.

What else can we do to speed up our work and improve the environment at the same time?

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