Thursday, August 23, 2007

Management style

Recently I discovered A love affair with micro-management,
courtesy of the TP! Wire Service. That led to The ins and outs of corporate control and Why Companies Love Micromanagers. The basic premise is the same: managers are increasingly hiring micromanagers, and that is hurting their companies.

Then, this morning, I read Dear Boss: You're a jerk; see you in court, an Associated Press article about states giving workers the rights to sue their superiors for creating abusive work environments. Perhaps you've seen that in your news, too.

Years ago, there was emphasis on theory X, theory Y, and, eventually, theory Z as ways to manage. Theory X was seen as the way to get poorer results, but these news stories seem to be saying it's making a comeback.

I'm curious: do you see this trend in your organizations? If you're a manager, what's your approach to management? Why did you pick it? How is it working for you, your organization, and the people who report to you?

If you're managed by others (that should be most everyone), which approach is used by those you report to? Why did they pick it? How is it working for you, your organization, and those to whom you report?

For each case (many of you are, no doubt, in both situations at once), would adjustments to the current style be an improvement or not? If so, is there anything keeping you from experimenting with a change?

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