Monday, October 29, 2007


There was a statement in the article about the lack of water in Atlanta that gives me pause:

Scientists have warned of impending disaster.

And life has, for the most part, gone on just as before.

The evidence seems clear that we on this planet are likely facing major transitions in the way we live. Yet, until this year, I still sensed a basic assumption that life would go on as it has been, that we could accommodate all of these transitions without changing the way we do business or the way we live in any significant way. Perhaps technology would save us, perhaps others around us (government, business, utilities) would save us from having to make hard choices.

I don't think that's prudent. Whether we think of it as business risk management or business continuity planning, we need to think of what these changes might do to our businesses and our societies, and we need to make the appropriate preparations.

What will your business do if some of these predictions come to pass? What will my business do? Here's an Australian view.

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Blogger Bill Harris said...

After posting this, I realized that the Donella Meadows article I mentioned in the popular More on growth was worth re-reading in this context.

29 October, 2007 17:41  
Blogger Amela Jones said...

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04 November, 2014 02:49  

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