Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top postings of 2007: a sneak preview

Within the month, it will be time to list the top ten postings for 2007, as measured by your reading selections on Making Sense With Facilitated Systems using Google Analytics. I took a quick peek recently and discovered that there is at least one repeat entry from last year, and there are two more that date back to 2005, neither of which made the 2006 list!

Last year, I restricted the list to those postings made in 2006, so I should probably do that again. I may create two lists this year: one for the most popular entries posted in 2007 and another for the most popular postings read in 2007, no matter when they were posted.

Watch this space near the end of 2007 or the start of 2008 to see which entries made the top ten.



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