Friday, March 07, 2008

Cassandra's curse and LTG

Almost two years ago, I posted about Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update. Whether you saw that posting or not, I suspect you know Limits to Growth, often referred to by its initials as LTG.

Now Ugo Bardi has written Cassandra's curse: how "The Limits to Growth" was demonized in The Oil Drum: Europe. It's his view how LTG started to stimulate true dialog about a major challenge for the planet and how it then became "everyone's laughing stock" (well, perhaps not everyone's).

That's changing. As Bargi notes,

Climate studies have also brought back the limits of resources to attention; in this case intended as the limited capability of the atmosphere to absorb the products of human activities. In this field, the LTG study can be seen as having taken the right approach from the beginning; modeling for the first time the interaction of the environment with the human industrial and agricultural system.

If you've not read LTG, I encourage you to read it now. If you'd like, you can buy Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update online, or you can find it in your favorite library (you can change the country or specify the location more precisely).

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Blogger Bill Harris said...

After posting this, I found another article by Bardi that goes into more detail about the LTG model.

07 March, 2008 19:51  

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