Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How It All Ends and John Sterman

Some time ago, I posted a note linking to a John Sterman comment about global climate change. This morning, thanks to a randomly found posting, I discovered How It All Ends, a video that says something quite similar.

Greg Craven, the creator of the video, has put together a monster series on risk management, our role in the world, and global climate change. The first video is not quite 10 minutes long, and it presents the basic idea. It leads to an index video, which presents a few more ideas and leads to the menu video. While those last two seem like they might be boring and useless, you might find they add more value and are thus worth watching (perhaps the index more than the menu), even if you eventually find Wondering Mind 42, his Web site that has the list with links to each of the videos.

So at least go watch the first and perhaps the second video now, and see what you think. You might discover it's worth watching more. You might learn new ways of thinking ... and acting. Learning new things is almost always good, right?

And don't forget to read John Sterman's comment, if you haven't already.

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