Sunday, March 09, 2008

More on LTG

I'll try to stop writing about LTG for a bit, but, before I do, I did find one other interesting paper that some of you might want to read. Matthew Simmons of Simmons & Company International wrote Revisiting The Limits to Growth: Could The Club of Rome Have Been Correct, After All?" back in October 2000. It appears to be a very readable, data-rich analysis of the changes in key parts of the world by someone who has been active in the energy business for decades. Check it out.

Simmons is a prolific writer; he has published a series of speeches and papers online (check the archives and the Oldies but Goodies, too). I'll have to come back and read more later.

Postscript: While I should be doing other things, I'm reading more of his articles. I encourage you to read his PEAK OIL: Is It Real? When Might It Occur? from February 25, 2008. While you need to start at the beginning to get context, check out his recommendations starting on slide 48:

Only viable solution that can work now:

  • The solution: TRAVEL LESS

    • Less long distance commuting
    • Grow foods at home
    • Make goods locally

What do you think?

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