Friday, June 06, 2008

Better decision making through lemonade??

I've written about good decision making a number of times, but I never included the effect of sweetened lemonade! Get the full research story.

While certainly interesting in its claims, this idea also has links to ideas about stocks and flows (your stock of glucose, etc.) and other systemic ideas. It also seems related to the notion that good nutrition can help, as Charlie Ayers claims in Food 2.0: Secrets from the Chef Who Fed Google (no, I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds delicious intriguing).

I sense the message that we need nutrition for at least three reasons: to survive (breathe, move blood through the body, etc.), to carry out physical activity, and to carry out mental activity. The process of doing those things (even mental activity) depletes nutritional stocks we've established, and thus we need to replenish them to be at our peak condition. (It may be that we need different types of nutrition for the different activities.) Of course, we also have to balance that with our overall accumulation of nutrition lest we find our weight increasing, and we have to watch the type of nutrition lest we find our teeth decaying or our bodies subject to various ills.

Thanks to Dan Goldstein of Decision Science News for the lead.

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