Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to act in tough times

We seem to be in tough economic times. (Did I hear "Duh" from the back row?) Tom Peters recently posted 26 Rules for Recessions. If your business is hurting, check it out. If it's doing really well right now, check it out anyway unless you're sure you'll never be hurting in the future.

I suspect those who think their business will never be hurting are mistaken, but they may not be open to this message today.

I suspect that you are an optimist with a grounding in reality, if you stick around here. I hope you're either not hurting or poised on the threshold of a transition that will help you succeed even more (see the second point).

If your business is hurting, or if it's doing well but you'd like to prepare for the next transition, whatever that is, let's talk.

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