Thursday, November 06, 2008

Secret tool for online meetings

Have you ever sat in an informal (no slides) Web-based meeting and tried to keep up with what's going on? When the meeting was over, have you wondered what was decided?

Here's a small secret: I've found it helpful to use FreeMind, a free mind-mapping tool, to take notes during meetings. I often share Freemind through the Web-based meeting tool so that it works as a virtual flip-chart: everyone can see what I'm recording, people can suggest corrections, and I can hide parts easily when we're addressing other issues. When the meeting is over, I can convert it to PDF or HTML or any of a number of other formats and distribute meeting minutes with no additional work.

That's very related to Bernie DeKoven's technography (be sure to watch the video to understand how this works).

Try it sometime; you might find you like it.

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Blogger Ralf Lippold said...


That sounds really terrific:-))

Will use that for forthcoming online meetings.

Looks pretty much like a way to reinforce productivity over the net as a knowledge worker 2.0.

Best regards


07 November, 2008 07:52  
Blogger Bill Harris said...


07 November, 2008 09:22  

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