Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A systems thinking tour de force

If you're interested in ways of making sense of situations systemically (or interested in making sense of situations that don't seem to lend themselves to the ways you've thought of things in the past), see Bobby Milstein's excellent Hygeia's Constellation: Navigating Health Futures in a Dynamic and Democratic World. Yes, it deals with public health issues. No, you don't have to be interested in or involved with public health to learn from it. Yes, you might get excited by some of the ideas presented there.

Thanks to Bob Williams for bringing it to my attention. To be honest, I'm only about half-way through it, but I thought you might want to get an early start reading it.

For an interesting lash-up between the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Google.org for estimating the progress of flu in the USA, see Google.org Flu Trends.

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Blogger Bill Harris said...

I finished reading Hygeia's Constellation later yesterday, and it only got better. If you've been introduced to systems thinking as a monolithic approach, you might really enjoy reading this article.

For one group's partial take on the diversity of approaches in systemic thinking (systems thinking), see the IIGSS family tree of systemic thinking. Also check out some of Bob Williams' Systems Stuff (yes, you will find a bit of my writing there).

12 November, 2008 07:25  

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