Friday, December 05, 2008

IMT 586: Information Dynamics at the University of Washington

If you are a University of Washington graduate student interested in understanding the impact of information feedback on the systems in which we live and work, check out this winter's IMT 586 (also offered as INSC 586). This is the second year it's been offered, and I'm looking forward to exploring this field with a whole new group of you. If there's enough demand, we hope to offer the follow-on IMT 587 in the spring this year, so there's even more potential this year than there was last year.

If you are not a UW graduate student, but you are an interested professional who lives within commuting distance of UW, consider signing up, too. For any of you, studying system dynamics (okay, it's offered in the Information School, so we call it Information Dynamics) offers a great opportunity to learn a new way to make sense of the challenges we face and to find and test solutions.

Last year, all of the students brought their laptops to class. That let us create and explore computer models and simulations in class, which seemed to make for faster, more solid, and much more interesting learning. I hope to do even more of that this year. If you sign up and can bring your laptop, great. If you can't because you have a desktop machine, that's okay. We'll be fine as long as at least half the class brings laptops.

I look forward to seeing many of you in January! Please ask if you have questions.

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Blogger mjholt said...

Hi Bill,
I downloaded my PDF copy of Sustainable Energy — without the hot air. Thank you for the link. I would not have heard of this without your blog. I downloaded in an instant, by the way.
Happy Holidays,
Marilyn Holt

20 December, 2008 14:58  
Blogger Bill Harris said...

Hi, Marilyn. I'm glad it was of use. If you have comments, feel free to follow up here later.

Happy Holidays to you, too.


20 December, 2008 17:02  

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