Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Email security

I've recommended a few email security measures (encryption, signatures) in the past, but I suspect they were a bit technical for most people. With Gmail becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to let people know about FireGPG. Follow the installation instructions, and give it a try.

You'll need a passphrase to use it. While you can generate a passphrase a number of ways, I like Diceware.



Blogger RenĂ© Schoenmakers said...

I wondered what the acronym GPG in FireGPG means. Would FirePGP not be a more appropriate name, were PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy...

25 February, 2009 00:32  
Blogger Bill Harris said...

René, thanks for your comment. I believe the GPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard.

25 February, 2009 05:33  

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