Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cause for optimism: women on the move

I'm sometimes leary of people claiming that either women or men are better than the other in terms of what they contribute. Perhaps that's because I've heard too many uncredible claims about what men could do that women couldn't (fortunately, I hear those far less today than when I was younger). I also once participated in a most excellent Multi-Cultural Awareness Workshop put on by Sanchez-Tennis Associates that, among many other things, helped me see the strengths (and the weaknesses) of any cultural group, so I'll praise the contributions of various groups while trying never to pit one group against another.

Tonight I heard a video essay by Richard Rodriguez on The News Hour called Women on the Move. Sometimes the news one sees about the environment and about energy can be a bit depressing, but Rodriguez's essay seemed like cause for optimism. Perhaps that couples with what I've been reading from Tom Peters. Seeing more and more women active in all levels of society is indeed good news.


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