Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Growth from a German perspective

Der Spiegel just published Can Economies Function without Growth?, which directly relates to some of the conversations we've held here in the past.

What do you think?

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Blogger Ralf Lippold said...

Being a German, and while reading Bill's I was reminded of my economics classes back in 1991, where we were told the economic growth would be necessary in an economic to prosper.

The only thing they never told us is that they meant just the plain numbers (quantitative) instead of also talking about other qualities that should grow (like the value created by providing the service, product).

I would say it will always be growth in any living thing (such as the economy is as well), it only can mean different measurements and we have to be clear to see all possible ones:-)

22 October, 2009 14:40  
Blogger Bill Harris said...

Hallo, Ralf. Thanks for dropping by.

In a way, I think your economics professor was right, at least in the current system. See Chris Martenson's work, for example.

Did you also see and especially the sections called "Questions on growth"? Thoughts?

23 October, 2009 20:35  

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