Thursday, March 25, 2010

A dream

Some time ago, I read Tom Peter's 100 Ways to Succeed. #15 says, "YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION! And the question is: WHAT'S THE DREAM?"

What's my dream?

I dream that ...

  • Organizations really do work smarter.
  • Organizations don't waste time and effort repeating the same mistakes.
  • Organizations deal internally, externally, and globally with high ethics, honor, and integrity. That also means that organizations make a real contribution to the world in which they operate.
  • We as individuals and as people responsible for organizations don't forget that organizations are people who have assembled together to achieve that which they couldn't achieve on their own. In order for the organization to succeed, the people in the organization (and those served by the organization) must also succeed according to their own definitions.

What's your dream?

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Blogger Ralf Lippold said...

My dream is "creating a space where people can really play out their personal strengths" - a CoWorking Space as we have started with and

14 May, 2010 15:31  
Blogger Bill Harris said...

Thanks, Ralf. Best wishes with your dream!

14 May, 2010 20:34  

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