Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Better Questions

I've written before of the power of questions to guide work.  Now I've discovered an article by Donella Meadows called Resources, Technology, Environment, What Is the Question?  With one exception, I find it a great exploration of how we can go about asking better questions to guide our work.  Read it, and see what you think.

The one exception?  On the first page, she describes a view of science that I used to hold but that I increasingly find less satisfying.  I'm increasingly sympathetic to ideas Andrew Gelman and Cosma Shalizi express.

If you found that article interesting, here are two more free resources.  First, if you want to read more of her work, you can view The Donella Meadows Archive: Voice of a Global Citizen, a collection of 15 years of very readable Global Citizen essays.  Second, you can also see the archive for Dynamica, the first major system dynamics journal, where I found Meadows' article.

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