Friday, September 06, 2013

Sustainable computing

One aspect of sustainability has to do with not creating more waste than we can manage.  That's why I perked up when I read about sustainability on the Why Open Computing Web site.  They're not simply complaining or exhorting; they're doing something about it.  They're selling laptops intended to be disassembled and repaired.  They're selling laptops and desktops with software intended to be supportable over the long term; their page says "Remain up-to-date for a decade!  Computers that last, at competitive prices.  A radical, different philosophy!"  Later they write, "We're convinced: the era of throw-away products is coming to an end."

They're not the first to offer computers with many of these features, but they are the first I've seen that have coupled the hardware and software features with an obvious intent to focus on sustainability and customer experience.  Check them out.

Thanks to for the pointer and a preview of what promises to be a positive review of their laptop offering soon.

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Blogger Gilles Gravier said...

Thanks for the praise, Bill!

We've taken the liberty of copy/pasting your blog entry on our own corporate blog, if that's OK with you.

And we're open to comments, praise, constructive criticism!

Gilles Gravier
CTO Why! open computing SA

10 September, 2013 07:26  

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